FAQ Immigration Medicals
PRIOR to the visit

What should I bring


Medication and medical information about your conditions, specialist reports, results

Glasses or contact lenses if needed

A parent or a guardian if you are under 17

An interpreter if required

Should I eat and drink or should I fast

Don't fast. Eat normally and drink some fluids before you come as you will need to do a urine test.

What if I need to change or cancel

Just let us know as early as you can

What does the fee cover

STANDARD FEE advertised cover opening you case in the eMedical system and getting your NZER number, taking photos, completing your details, Standard blood tests and one dipstix urine test and Chest Xray where added. It includes completing your medical history and exam.


How long does it take

One to Two hours approx

What happens during the visit

We complete the eMedical with you. There is a declaration for you to sign, payments, photo, health measurements - vision, blood pressure, height, weight, physical check by doctor, urine test, blood test and Xray if required.

When will I be charged extra

Additional tests are prescribed by immigration NZ, where there are medical conditions.  We take great care in keeping your costs to a minimum and will not advise un-necessary tests. 


When will I get the results

Two to three days in most cases. It takes a day or two for the blood tests and xray report to arrive. We then complete ad submit.

Will I get a copy of the results

We will submit everything directly to Immigration NZ. Please send us an email and we can email back a copy of the results.